The suitcase

07/04/2011 Door Rick Lindeman

In the end the suitcase was the most important.
Not out of a materialistic view.
Although it’s a nice thing to have.

But as a symbol.
As it enables you to go out to the world.
Like an Ikea kitchen starter set.
Or your first football kit.
You suddenly become independent, a footballer.
Or a moderator.


It was the most intensive course i can remember.
We were like a dumpling.
Being dropped in a stew of logical frameworks
And would never be the same.

Whether we were cycling through Ixelles or St. Gilles.
Or eating Italian, Mexican or Indian
– The belgian life style –
Objective trees surrounded us.
And suddenly the Lebanese „Mâitre de”
Subtly facilitated us towards a fuller Lebanese wine.

And trees we built
For Widgets, For Botswana and Alcohol Abuse
In the Rue de Luxembourg.
Between King and Parliament.
Above a bar, where Hoegaarden and Leffe
Provided their own logic.

After a week we all went our way
Exhausted, physically and mentally.
On our way to a future where we would have to test our skills in real life.
But we always will have that suitcase.

This blog describes the marvellous „facilitatiation and moderation for logical framework analyses and project cycle management „- training by Erik Kijne (PCM group) and Frank Little (Provenium)