Cycling data as change agent for Sustainable Mobility

Samen met Joost de Kruijff van de BUAS schreef ik een Paper voor het ITS Congres in het Evoluon.

The Netherlands is known for its high cycling shares and great cycling infrastructure. What many people less realize is the challenge to increase those shares even more to enhance cycling in the sustainability smart cities objectives. To push cycling to the next level a national collaboration has been set up to join forces in the field of cycling data collection, storage, visualisation and analyses. Next, cycling knowledge sharing between a variety of stakeholders, ranging from academic to highly applied level, is essential. This paper not only covers an overview of challenges of the national organisation and the development of a cycling data platform but also shows how European award winning best practises add to the smart city objectives in the Netherlands. Combining mobile phone data, GPS/GNSS data, traffic light data, national survey data, traffic forecast model data and virtual and augmented reality results in a joint approach to smart cycling cities and ITS cycling developments.

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